Marathon running for geeks – the aftermath

28 04 2010

Just a quick update to let you all know how we got on – we did it!

Virgin London Marathon 2010 Medals

The hardest thing I've ever had to do, but the sense of pride and achievement is incredible, and we've raised a lot of money for Cancer Research UK!

Emma and I completed the Virgin London Marathon 2010 in 6:39:50 – we were on target for somewhere between 5 and 5-and-a-half hours after the first 7 or 8 miles, then my left ankle blew out and that slowed us down rather a lot! It’s funny, I’d spent so much time worrying about my pre-existing medical issues (shin splints, dodgy knees) that I didn’t anticipate a different part of my body giving way quite so badly, but we were just very pleased to finish given the number of people on stretchers and disappearing in ambulances on the day. Far better to limp round at a slower pace than to push it and not finish, given how long we’ve spent training, how hard we’ve worked, and how important raising this money for charity is – I would have crawled over the finish line if it had come down to it! You may also have seen two people in bright pink tutus and legwarmers overtaking a smurf on Tower Bridge being interviewed on the BBC – that was us, and we looked damn fetching 🙂

Thanks to everyone for their support, and if anybody is reading this who was in the crowd on Sunday – you were all amazing, and it would have been so much harder without you all. There’s still a couple of months where we can collect money for this marathon effort, please visit




4 responses

2 05 2010

Congrats! I hope to be able to complete my first Marathon later this year. You are completely right, the Marathon is something so much more than what you have done before that you can never really tell how your body reacts. And sometimes it reacts by getting pissed off and throwing a fit.

5 05 2010
Tom Baines

Thanks very much! And yes, mine’s definitely thrown a fit – now my knees have seized up a bit as a result of not moving around too much because of the ankle – I can’t win!

All I can say is good luck, and make sure you’ve got plenty of painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and if possible, re-usable ice packs for icing tender areas afterwards (waiting for water to freeze can seem an age when things hurt!)

Best of luck to you, as long as you continue to prepare well you should be just fine. Oh, and afterwards, you’ll say “never again”, but somehow we still managed to register for next year…

8 05 2010

Ha, I’m already looking for things to do next year, of course who knows how I’ll feel and what I’ll vow right afterwords.

6 05 2010

Great work love, I knew you could do it!

So when do we get to see the BBC footage then? 😀

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