Grand Theft Auto has a social conscience (no, really)

21 07 2010

I bought GTA IV a couple of days ago. I know, I know – I’m behind the times and even followup the Ballad Of Gay Tony has been out for ages, but better late than never, right? Besides, I was busy playing Fallout 3 for the longest time, I didn’t really have room in my life for another free-form behemoth of a title, but I’ve caught up now. I’ve only been playing it a couple of days and while early impressions are great, there is one side of the game that feels slightly alien to me: realism.

More realism, sir? I’m not sure – I’ll tell you later…

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The Search For Jasper… (XBOX 360)

8 02 2010

It was decided. We were getting an XBOX 360, and we definitely weren’t getting a second-hand one, for reasons outlined here.

So I started shopping, in the only way I know how – I turned off the TV, grabbed a mug of hot coffee/an ice cold beer (delete as appropriate, dependant on the position of the sun relative to the yard-arm), settled down into the sofa with my laptop, and hit Google. Hard. I found good prices, bad prices, ridiculous prices and unbelievable prices (which, upon closer inspection, usually turn out to be faulty RROD machines that people are trying to offload as spares/repair on eBay). I found incredible deals, with extra controllers, headsets and a choice of titles, I found decent deals with last year’s most middle-of-the-road game thrown in, and I found consoles on their own that to be honest, seemed a tad expensive. What I didn’t find, though, was any concrete evidence of the elusive Jasper…

XBOX 360 and the search for the Jasper chipset

That's an actual photo of me (not really). Although I was actually reduced to such insanity (almost).

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