Freddie Wong, you wonderful lunatic (live-action Time Crisis short film)

13 08 2010

If you’re not aware of the work of Freddie Wong, I’ll sum it up for you: he makes video shorts with awesome special effects. Perhaps more importantly though, he’s a massive geek and often uses games as his muse. Oh, and he has a wicked sense of humour, but his homages are never mocking, more gentle fun-poking and in-jokes. OK, so that summation wasn’t that short, but then some of Freddie’s video ‘shorts’ aren’t that short either (see his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Frozen Crossing pt. 1 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Frozen Crossing pt. 2 for evidence of that – they total over 16 minutes of action and gun play that wouldn’t look out of place on a high-budget series like 24).

I’m more interested in his homage to 1995 arcade classic Time Crisis though, the on-rails light gun shooter that revolutionised the genre with its high-quality scripted action sequences and foot-pedal cover system. I’m not sure whether Freddie’s latest creation has anything to do with the upcoming new Time Crisis title (Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3), but watch out for plenty of cute references to the original game (and to how we all used to play it): the players shooting off-screen to reload while in cover; agreeing to cover enemies on the left and right (but nobody covering the guy in the middle); the ridiculous hostages, and the better player getting annoyed with his comrade for not helping (highlighted by the old-school score sheet at the end); the unfair boss entry that results in someone getting killed and requiring another coin to re-join the game; and best of all, the way we all used to deal with the bosses – the old semi-automatic light gun finger trick, for when rapid-fire hits on a large target area, not accuracy and sharpshooting, are the order of the day. Kudos too goes to Freddie for getting a major star to be his P1, and it’s great to see Andy Whitfield (star of Spartacus) looking fit and well after being diagnosed with cancer (that interrupted filming of the next series of Spartacus). Enjoy!