Celebrities who look like video game characters: Andy Garcia/Super Mario

19 07 2010

I’m not expecting this to be a particularly regular feature (because I honestly don’t think I’ll see another celebrity looking quite so foolish as Garcia and his moustache any time soon) but it certainly made me chuckle last night. He was on BBCs Top Gear as the ‘Star In A Reasonably Priced Car’ promoting his new movie City Island (which from the trailer looks almost as amusing as his ‘tache) and set a rather respectable time around Top Gear’s test track in the new Kia Ce’ed, with the real life Mario coming in third after a ginger wizard (Ron Weasly, I forget his real name) and a dragon (Peter Jones, the man foolish enough invest in Hamfatter).

Perhaps Garcia has been practising for his Top Gear appearance on Mario Kart Wii? Or maybe he’d observed that a Super Mario moustache worked for Nigel Mansell when he was a Formula 1 driver? Whatever the reason, more celebrities should look like video game characters, and for this Andy Garcia, we salute you!

Andy Garcia or Super Mario

This doesn't really need a caption, does it?