Rebecca Mayes and The Epic Win

26 08 2010

This is my new favourite song. My new favourite song, otherwise known as my most current favourite song, usually only lasts as long as until I hear something new from one of my favourite bands, but this is slightly different. This is really like nothing I’ve heard before, in so many weird and wonderful ways. This is a beautiful musical representation of modern gaming classic Mass Effect 2 that’s just as haunting and makes almost as big an impression as the game itself (along with a saccharine-sweet DIY indie video). This is Rebecca Mayes, and she’s brilliant.Vodpod videos no longer available. 

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“Imperial March not evil enough” says mad scientist

4 09 2009

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you plugged a MIDI controller into an 8 foot Tesla coil, then discharged the energy through a man imprisoned in a medieval suit of armour, in order to make incredibly sinister sounding music?

No, neither have I, but thankfully some insane physicists did, and it’s bloody brilliant!

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