Busy, busy, busy

16 07 2010

I’ve been pretty busy over the past couple of months. I spent a long time (far too long to think about) recovering from foolish 26-mile endeavours on the streets of London, so I went on holiday, which was lovely. Upon coming back from holiday, I found that about everything at my day job that could go wrong, well, had, and somewhere in the middle I found time (I don’t know how) to do a couple more articles for PC Plus Magazine. They are:

  • A feature/guide on getting the best out of your mobile, including software, tips and tricks (with not all of them apps or requiring smartphones) for PC Plus issue 296
  • A technical feature/tutorial on self-hosting FTP, blogs and games using dynamic IP address updating software DynDNS, for PC Plus issue 297

Things have settled down a bit now thankfully, so I might actually get chance to do some writing – what a novelty!


PC Plus 295 on sale now!

5 05 2010

Just a quick head’s up – issue 295 of PC Plus went on sale yesterday (4th May 2010) and features two more features from yours truly, as well as loads of great news, features, reviews and tests. It costs £5.99 and also comes with a free disc with loads of great free software.

My articles are:

  • A tutorial on how to protect, roll back and backup your PC with Comodo Time Machine
  • A community feature on scientific research using volunteer computing and BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing)

No Time To Be Excited… Yet (Final Fantasy XIII)

9 03 2010

Just a quick post today. Unfortunately, as I work in the Civil Service and seemingly everyone in my department is on strike, I’ve been far too busy over the past two days to write anything much at all. Just a quick placeholder until I get more time, then:

  • Final Fantasy XIII is out today (but I’ve not had time to buy it)
  • I’ve got two features in this month’s PC Plus magazine (but they haven’t been syndicated on their website, yet)

So hopefully tomorrow, when I have more colleagues, more time, and much less stress, I’ll be able to pay more attention and write something meaningful. Until then, just be assured that underneath the stress and anguish on my face, I’m smiling about Final Fantasy XIII and my articles in PC Plus issue 293, ‘Build a PVR’ and ‘Manage Your Network’ 🙂

Upcoming Articles – PC Plus 293, On Sale March 9th 2010

11 02 2010

Just a quick post to let everyone know, I’ve got two tutorial/technical features appearing in next month’s PC Plus magazine (issue 293) which goes on sale on the 9th March, so that’s two things to look out for that day – Final Fantasy XIII, and my first features in a Future Publishing periodical magazine 🙂

I’m shall we say… a little bit excited about the 9th of March!