Tom Baines is an experienced IT Professional from York, UK. He is in his mid twenties, and for the past few years, has been leading a double life as a freelance writer and journalist. Given the chance, he’ll write about absolutely anything and everything, but his true loves are computers, video games and technology in general.

Tom Baines used to look like this. His hair is a little shorter now and he's a bit more clean-shaven, but he likes this photo - it makes him look good and he's sticking with it.

In the past, he’s had the pleasure of covering some pretty big game releases (including Mario Kart Wii and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift), has written some features and punditry for US gaming giant GamesRadar.com, and is currently working a series of technical features with UK technology magazine PC Plus (two of which are in issue 293, the next two to be featured in issue 295).

If you’d like him to write anything for you (he promises he won’t do it in the third person, he’s just heard that’s how the cool kids write their bios), contribute anything to your publication, or even just pick his brain, drop an email to: tombaines@live.co.uk

You should visit these places, Tom is working/has worked with all of them at some point:



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